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Here at Houston Integrative Health, Acupuncture and Mindful Movement I strive to provide as comprehensive of an experience to my patients as possible.  My goal with every person I see is to use all of the tools at my disposal to create a bespoke clinical experience.  Our appointments could involve any of the treatment options below based on a combination of your needs and my clinical experience.  Our clinic has a full supplement and Chinese herbal dispensary where we can custom make formulations that are tailored specifically to your needs!

Virtual and In-Person Natural health and Wellness Consultation 


Chinese and Western Herbal Medicine

Manual Therapy

Yoga and Movement Therapy

Breath Training and Biofeedback

Movement Coaching 

Online Movement Training Programs 


I offer online movement and yoga classes to my students and patients on a weekly basis, and am also frequently adding new lectures, workshops and trainings to my schedule.  If you'd like to be kept up to date or inquire about online classes, please join my email list

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