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Here at Houston Integrative Health, Acupuncture and Mindful Movement I strive to provide as comprehensive of an experience to my patients as possible.  My goal with every person I see is to use all of the tools at my disposal to create a personalized clinical experience.  Our appointments could involve any of the treatment options below based on a combination of your needs and my clinical experience.  Our clinic has a full supplement and Chinese herbal dispensary where we can custom make formulations that are tailored specifically to your needs!

While my scope of practice is broad, I have specialized training in the following:

  • Orthopedic acupuncture and sports medicine 

  • CIRS / mold illness - I am certified in treating mold illness through Dr Jill Crista’s training program 

  • Sleep Medicine 

  • Mind-body medicine - I am board certified through BCIA in clinical biofeedback 

  • Movement and yoga therapy - I have been teaching and practicing various modalities of movement since 2003

What my sessions look like:

 In general, our first session will focus on my getting a very detailed health history, performing pertinent exams and coming up with a treatment plan.  Depending on the complexity of the concern, treatment may begin on the first visit - if you’re coming in with an orthopedic or musculoskeletal concern, this is generally the case.  If necessary, I may recommend lab work to gain further information. Followup sessions to implement the treatment plan could include any combination of modalities including nutrition and lifestyle changes, acupuncture, bodywork, yoga, movement therapy or exercise, biofeedback or herbal and supplement recommendations. 

Visit Frequency;

This depends entirely on your concern.  There are some instances where I will recommend a period of weekly follow-up appointments for acupuncture, manual work or other modality.  Some conditions may require long-term regular treatment, while others can be addressed in one to two visits.  In other instances, we may have an initial appointment, I send you away with a treatment plan and we follow up after a longer period of time to assess progress and determine next steps.  I do my best to offer new patients a rough estimation of frequency during our brief phone consult.    

Appointment Fees

Initial consult for musculoskeletal, mind-body and non-complex conditions - $350.00

Initial consult for complex conditions* - $525.00


Standard follow-up visits - $175.00 

Acupuncture only follow-up visits*** - $130

Phone consult (for established patients) - $45 per 15 min increments


*While I do consider visit complexity on a case-by-case basis, I generally interpret the term complex narrowly as conditions involving multiple body systems and need for an extensive, complex history, lab review or lab work up (for example Lyme, mold illness, rare systemic autoimmune diseases, etc).     


With some exceptions, I generally do not put single-system conditions into the complex category (for example, cardiovascular, thyroid, digestive, orthopedic, urological, or hormonal concerns, etc.) This is something we will always discuss in initial phone consults before setting up a visit. 


***If I determine during our initial session that your plan needs to include weekly acupuncture for an extended period of time (greater than 6 weeks), or bi-weekly acupuncture, this will be the cost of the visit.  Please note that this option will be at my discretion assuming I feel that acupuncture is all that is needed.  At a time I feel we no longer need consistent weekly follow ups, the visit cost will return to standard.  


For all integrative, mind-body or movement-related follow ups that may also include acupuncture, the standard follow up visit cost still applies.



Unfortunately, I do not accept insurance, though will be happy to send you home with an invoice that you can submit to your insurance company for acupuncture services.  Please check with your provider for coverage as many insurance companies in Texas do now reimburse for acupuncture services with specific plans. 

Sliding Scale Option

In the interest of making my services accessible, I do leave a small percentage of my practice open to sliding-scale work for those that need it.  This does not apply if you have HSA/FSA, or insurance coverage for acupuncture.  If you are in need of my services and need financial assistance, please ask.  While I cannot guarantee this option, if I currently have space available, I will do my best to accommodate you.  

Virtual and In-Person Natural health and Wellness Consultation 


Chinese and Western Herbal Medicine

Manual Therapy

Yoga and Movement Therapy

Breath Training and Biofeedback

Movement Training 

Online Movement Training Programs 


I offer in-person movement and yoga classes to my students and patients on a weekly basis, and am also frequently adding new lectures, workshops and trainings to my schedule.  If you go to the Holistic Movement tab, you will be able to view the regularly-updated schedule.  You can also be kept up to date by joining my email list.

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