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The Mind-Body Intensive

Cultivating a Subtle Relationship with the Feet, Lower Extremity and Pelvic Floor in Movement Practice


We all have habituated patterns of thinking, & stories and beliefs that these patterns are rooted in. Those patterns are expressed in our bodies, affecting the way we move in functional & dysfunctional ways. And the key to understanding & shifting these embodied patterns is discernment.


Discernment of subtle patterning is a learned skill that can lead to massive impact in the psycho-emotional & physiological body all at once. And subtle patterning is best accessed with subtle movement: A diligent practice that explores finite detail with soft attention, leading us to places of holding & discomfort in our bodies, and creating space to expand our capacity around those places we’d rather not go. Yet, as we open up a subtle movement container, we may start to ask - how much discomfort is too much or too little? How do we discern between discomfort and pain? How do we distinguish between our genuine feelings & our mind’s projections?


This two-day seminar will explore movement in the context of the above questions, putting particular emphasis on our connection with the feet and lower extremities.  My goal is to create a container for students to move with deeper awareness of how mental & physical patterning connect. My intention is that this process facilitates deeper integrity & resilience with your movement, as you learn how to move with your body’s capacity & stretch into right-sized discomfort, as opposed to overriding.  


Students will have the option to take only Saturday, though will get the most benefit from taking Saturday and Sunday, which will allow some time to integrate your experience from the first day, and take it deeper on the second.     


We’ll use a combination of containers to explore, including: 

  • practicing and discussing subtle exercises to refine our ability to feel the body in space.

  • some locomotion and organic movement practices, including some partner-based locomotion work

  • Integration of breath work & movement

  • discussion of esoteric eastern philosophy, physiology as it relates to the mind-body complex 

  • space to share your psycho-emotional or physical experience of the practice to the degree you are comfortable.  


Who is the workshop for:

Open to all ability levels, and ideal for those interested in peeling back the deeper philosophical layers to the mind-body aspects of movement practice, no matter what that looks like.  This class is also well-suited for those practitioners who have reached a physical, psychological or other significant impasse, or unresolved injury in their movement practice.  My hope is that students attending will come away with a deeper relationship with their body, and that those who are also teachers will be able to apply what we work on in their own teaching in a way that is authentic and meaningful to then.



I’ve been a teacher of movement, yoga and mind-body practices for over 20 years, and a movement student and friend of Zack Finer’s since 2012.  My greatest passion as a teacher lies in helping students to cultivate meaningful relationships with their bodies through integration of philosophy, science, and gross and subtle movement practices.  I’m currently licensed as an acupuncturist, herbalist and naturopathic doctor and maintain a private clinical practice and movement studio in Houston, Tx.   



Saturday, January 27th - 1:30 - 5:30pm 

Sunday, January 28th - 1:30 - 5:30pm


Pricing (sliding scale) 

—for Saturday only: $100 - 165

—for the whole weekend: $200 - 300


If you are wanting to attend, but need further financial assistance or have more specific questions, please email me at:

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